This Water Data Repo is a project led by CCIJ in collaboration with OpenUp to address the data needs of journalists, activists, academics and technologists working on water-related projects in South Africa and beyond. We do that by creating an open platform that regularly monitors each South Africa’s online news media for water-related articles. Our team mines the data to identify noteworthy communities, locations, events, organizations and themes, and maintains an open water data repository to provide the public with reporting resources. Read more about our methodology here.

Our Water Data Repo contains more than 5,000 water-related articles published between 1 January, 2017 and 14 April, 2022. Yuxi Wang, Sotiris Sideris and Liana Bravo did the data acquisition and analysis work.

For any questions or suggestion about this repo, please contact: y.wang@ccij.io or s.sideris@ccij.io.

About CCIJ

We are a nonprofit media organization that convenes and leads global investigations grounded in strategic mentorship. We are committed to developing a model of collaborative journalism that holds compelling visual images, deep investigative reporting and data science as equal partners in producing a unique brand of storytelling focusing on underrepresented communities.

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About OpenUP

OpenUp is a civic technology organisation with a goal to inform, empower and activate citizens. Our mission is to use data and technology to promote informed decision-making in order to drive positive social change. We do this by building tools, open up data, and provide data training which supports an active citizenry and helps communities and governments work better, together.

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